The project’s strategic objective is to develop an innovative analysis of the needs and means in Europe for the acquisition of marine data in coastal areas, as well as concrete propositions for the development of European strategy for marine data acquisition.

To address these objectives, the project will develop propositions concerning an infrastructure enabling partners to prepare, update, aggregate and disseminate data produced by them, as well as develop tools to prepare and optimize data, provide high performance services disseminating the prepared layers with respect to INSPIRE recommendations, propose an ergonomic web portal and provide training to potential users.

The project will assess consistency of the existing vertical datum, list and summarize past experiences and best practices, develop and test an algorithm for choosing the most appropriate surveying method, and build a technical and economical strategy.

Finally, the project will develop a method to draw a Joint European Coastal Mapping Programme in shallow waters for bathymetric data.

The project’s partnership directly involves a large number of European Hydrographic Organizations, ISPRA (Institute for Environmental Protection and Research, Italy) having strong experience in coastal mapping from imagery and survey processing for coastal environments, CPMR (Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions), and the Worldline company, which has an internationally recognized expertise in the field of operational digital mapping and portal design.

The strong technical skills of the teams involved in the project, the physical and information resources that will be made available by the partner organizations as well as their long experience of cooperation at transnational level and with the European Commission is a unique asset to guarantee both the quality and the impact of the project’s results. The composition of the consortium is also a guarantee of the project’s technical capacity to interact in the best way with all other relevant organizations in Europe together with the European Commission.