The EMODnet Coastal Mapping portal is being developed in the framework of the European Marine Observation and Data Network (EMODnet) as initiated by the European Commission. It will provide soon services for discovery and access to coastlines, baselines, bathymetric data, aerial photographies and additional layers from EMODNet Bathymetry, Geology and Habitats portals.

The main objectives of the EMODnet Coastal Mapping project are to assess the current availability of digital coastal maps in the EU, to disseminate this information by EMODnet, to share experience of coastal mapping in the EU, to develop standards for best practices and to propose how a future Joint European Coastal Mapping Programme (JECMaP) could operate.

In order to list and summarize past experiences and best practices in terms of coastal surveys, and then to develop and test an algorithm for choosing the most appropriate surveying method, a questionnaire is maintained online and promoted in order to involve different stakeholders.